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PPC Solutions

Make new connections and source fresh leads across platforms.


Our Services

PPC experts and digital marketing strategists to maximise your digital footprint.

  • PPC Management

    ClickReach combine depth and breadth of PPC experience across channels with hand built management software to consistently deliver market leading results.

  • Social Media

    Multi-channelled social media management to reach new targets and source new leads. Our team generate engaged followers and a strong digital social presence.

  • Display Advertising

    We apply over twenty years' of digital advertising experience with an honest, personal and proactive account management service.

  • Email Marketing

    Highly targeted business and consumer marketing campaigns with a complete design and copywriting service.

Market Leading PPC Experts

Highly experienced, data driven campaign management

Results Driven

Our customer retention rate sits at 95%, putting us at the very top of our industry.

The ClickReach team address individual client needs and budgets with a friendly, consistent service.

We don't work on a ticketing basis and we do not use online chat facilities.

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Total Transparency

Our clients on average experience a 20% increase in sales when they entrust their PPC management to our expert team.

We operate a completely transparent reporting process, using our hand built software, so that you always know how your campaigns are performing and what changes we have made.

We aim to inform, not instruct, enabling you to fully understand where your new leads are coming from and where opportunities exist.

Inquire today about our free PPC audit and proposal to start discovering how we could transform your next campaign.


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Real Time Technology

Our highly advanced PPC software has been developed by our in house team to meet the demands of a fast paced, to the second marketplace. Our platform collates marketing campaign data, to highlight budget maximising opportunities.

Our software is unique and enables us to act on market changes as and when they occur. Making us the cutting edge, market leading PPC choice for your next campaign.


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Digital Advertising

Digital display advertising supercharges traditional methods by enabling your business to track, monitor and adjust your creative sets accordingly to drive optimum engagement.

Advertising on third party websites across the Google Display Network will integrate visual creatives with traditional text ads in a 360 solution targeted to reach your chosen customer base.

Adverts appear as text, video, images or banners and give users a vital snapshot of your chosen service or product you are promoting.

Contact our insight team

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Integerated Solutions

Maximise your digital footprint across a range of channels. Let the experts at ClickReach work with your business to recommend an integrated strategy that will reach your intended marketplace.

We work hard to understand your target market, evaluate your current activity and make suggestions based on your current and potential requirements. We explore and combine a range of emerging channels and established platforms to source new opportunities and identify quick wins and long term gains.

We recommend that you undertake a digital marketing audit to create a complete overview of your current activity. Then let us compile a digital marketing package that gets the most from your budget.


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Customer Rated

Invest in the most highly targeted acquisition channel.

We have a market leading client retention rate. Our team work hard to provide consistent customer service, with dedicated account managers to maintain strong communication and feedback on your progress.

We employ a complete analytics package across all channels and platforms to ensure that all parties have a clear understanding of how their marketing budget is being allocated.

Contact us today to start your digital
marketing partnership.


About Us

We are passionate about the value of strong data.

ClickReach are consumer and business data specialists across every sector. We pride ourselves in equipping businesses, large and small, across all sectors with marketing data packages that work. We want to help you better understand and reach your intended targets through clever and informed marketing decisions and strategies.

Our lead generation and precise, accurate consumer marketing data packages come armed with insight and are regularly updated. Fully GDPR compliant and legislatively watertight for additional piece of mind.

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